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Every day during my childhood holidays my family gathered for pre-dinner drinks on the veranda, and there would always be some little snacks to accompany them. My grandmother made delicious cheese straws and as children we always offered to hand them around to the grown-ups - that way we were sure to take more than our fair share!  Finally I was given the secret recipe, and now its my turn to share our family's pleasure with you.

For a while I ran a successful catering company and we were famed for our cheesestraws. So much so that one of our clients even commissioned us to make 1000 boxes of cheese straws as Christmas presents for their own prestigious corporate clients. It was only a matter of time before we decided to concentrate on producing cheese straws, selling them at the best Farmers' Markets and award winning delicatessens.  From the original recipe, we have branched out and now have seven different varieties - including Gluten Free.  

Our kitchen is in Blaxhall which is a quiet hamlet in picturesque Suffolk countryside between Snape and Campsea Ashe. Its an area that inspired the thrilling operas by Benjamin Britten including Albert Herring . Imagine our surprise when we discovered that in the magnificent May Day feast the eponymous hero waxes lyrical about 'cheesy straws' and afterwards he looses his hat on the road to Campsea Ashe!

Who would have thought that a humble cheese straw could create such a delicious story! 

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